Processing time

Currently working on order dates up to 10/17/2022

Current Processing Times for New Orders as of 10/18/2022: 3 Weeks

Processing Times 
for orders placed between 10/4/2022-10/17/2022: 3 Weeks

Please keep note of the processing time when checking out. Processing time changes with demand. Not all designs and products may be in stock and are MADE TO ORDER.

Processing times are the time it takes from when you place your order until when your order will ship. This time is in ADDITION to the normal shipping times.

Processing time is based off the amount of current orders we have.

We provide a processing time frame due to the fact that these variables change every day. If a rush order is placed that order gets moved up to the beginning of the line.

Rush orders can be added to any order. 1 Rush order is good for 1-3 products. Over 3 products and you will need add additional Rush orders to your order.

Rush order add-on can be found here:

RUSH ORDER - Add On – MamaBear Organics (